Jean-Claude Risset fonds

The PRISM lab has undertaken the inventory and digitization of the archives of composer and researcher Jean-Claude Risset, a founding member of the PRISM lab, who died on November 21, 2016.

The objective, at the request of Risset’s family (Solenn and Tanguy) and with the help of the Fund’s steering committee (Stanford, Ina-GRM, LMA, PRISM), is to carry out a digitization of all the documents.

Requests to consult the digitized documents should be sent to:

“Before working at Ircam, I was in the United States; I moved fifteen times. I stayed in Marseille, where I feel most strongly rooted. First of all, because of the sea. This fascinating, open space, where one can communicate, dream of going beyond. I have a nomadic side, I don’t like to settle in one discipline. I navigate between science, research and music. Within music itself, I like the mixture of genres, sounds, acoustic or synthetic. I like works that mix sounds and genres.”
Jean-Claude Risset, La Pensée de Midi, 2000/2, n°2, p.66.