Training courses

The link between research and teaching is an important aspect of the life of a laboratory.

The creation of PRISM has opened a new field of action within research-based teaching and training. The association of forces previously dispersed within the Aix-Marseille University has led to new teaching proposals and a better mutualization of means.

This dynamics has enabled to create and restructure two new Master degrees associated with PRISM that started in the academic year 2018. These Masters are the natural breeding grounds for future PhD students within PRISM.

Doctoral action

Training through research is an important mission of the PRISM laboratory. The laboratory is attached to 3 doctoral schools of Aix-Marseille University:
ED 353 Sciences Pour l’Ingénieur
ED 354 Languages, Letters and Arts
ED 62 Life and Health Sciences

The laboratory has set up a doctoral action aiming to provide additional interdisciplinary training through research to doctoral students registered in the laboratory.


Master in Cinema and Audiovisual

Responsible for the training
Pascal Cesaro (Arts Department)
Isabelle Singer (SATIS Department)

The Master in Cinema and Audiovisuals offers high-level teaching in the field of audiovisual, cinematographic and multimedia production techniques, documentary filmmaking and research. It balances theory and professional applications and is based on project-based teaching. It simultaneously develops analytical and artistic skills, and for certain courses, the ability to work in a team and the ability to adapt.

The Master program offers 7 courses:

2 courses managed by the Arts department of the UFR ALLSH:
Critical Writing, Research and Image Didactics
– Documentary writing: research and creation

5 courses managed by the SATIS department of the UFR Sciences:
Production and Directing Professions
Image and Shooting Engineering
Editing and Post-Production Engineering
Image Sound Engineering
Music for the Image

One of the fundamental objectives of the Master program is to optimize the students’ chances of integration. An original pedagogical system accompanies the process of each student by articulating the thesis, the choice of internships and the student’s personal project. In addition, many professionals are involved in the teaching to promote this program.

Master Acoustics and Musicology

The current needs of the industrial world and artistic creation are no longer moving in the direction of hyperspecialization and single-task jobs, but towards the development of the versatility of professionals in multiple sectors of activity. In their daily practice, they must integrate different skills requiring a dual approach, scientific and artistic, to sound and music, through the implementation of interdisciplinary knowledge.

This new Master program promotes interdisciplinarity but also constitutes a strong disciplinary training in the framework of two main courses:

Engineering and Sound Design
Musicology and Creation

Adjacent training

The members of PRISM also participate in the following training programs:
Bachelor’s degree in Musicology
Licence 3 Sciences pour l’Ingénieur, Sciences Arts et Techniques de l’Image et du Son (SATIS)
Master in Digital Creation