Doctoral action

The doctoral action within PRISM does not replace the actions carried out by the doctoral schools but provides a complementary and interdisciplinary training to the doctoral students of in the laboratory.

Person in charge
Christine Esclapez
Doctoral students’ representative in the laboratory council
Baptistine Marcel
Doctoral students’ representative within the ED 354
Ezin Dognon

In addition to participating in the general axis meetings and being integrated in the actions led by the researchers and/or the university lecturers (projects, scientific events…), the doctoral students are invited to cross their scientific culture during specific meetings.

Regular meetings: every 5 or 6 weeks depending on the work in progress.

Doctoral seminars

  • One study day per year
  • The ” Kfé Scientifique de l’Action Doctorale” throughout the year.


Study day “What is the weather like”?

This international study day took place on October 22, 2020 and brought together 15 doctoral students from different doctoral schools around a transversal problematic “What is the weather like?”. This first interdisciplinary and international meeting allowed to create real interdisciplinary dialogues that the doctoral action hopes to continue next year. The proceedings of this seminar will soon be published in digital format.

Les “Kfé scientifiques de l’action doctorale”

The doctoral students of the PRISM Doctoral Action organize throughout the year a research seminar entitled “Kfé scientifique de l’action doctorale”. This initiative was born during the different lockdowns in order to maintain the link between the PhD students and to open a space for sharing and discussing the research progress of each student on very short formats (30 minutes maximum). Four meetings are currently proposed online (via Discord and Zoom), but will hopefully be accessible soon in person and why not to PhD students outside PRISM.