IA+CAArtificial intelligence and artistic creation

The IA+CA (Artificial Intelligence + Artistic Creation) project aims to explore how artificial intelligence algorithms can help artistic creation.

With the development of computing power and the reduction of data storage costs, artificial intelligence algorithms have developed a lot in recent years, and are beginning to infuse various domains of our daily lives.

The IA+CA project explores the field of artistic creation, and seeks to understand how artificial intelligence algorithms can eventually help artistic creation, either as a complementary step in a creative process, or by proposing new avenues of exploration to artists.

At the same time as this exploration is carried out, a critical look is taken at the use of these algorithms, particularly with regard to the use of data, but also on the role that an artificial intelligence algorithm really plays within a creative process. In particular, we will ask the question of creativity: how much of this creativity is due to the algorithm and how much is due to the person who programs it and draws aesthetic conclusions from the experiment?

More concretely, we will look at the field of musical and/or sound composition, as well as the field of visual arts, especially digital arts.

The project is currently in an exploratory phase.

It is a strongly interdisciplinary project, which solicits both axis 2 and axis 1 of the PRISM laboratory.

The reflection that takes place within this project is also conducted in connection with national and international structures (the GDR Internet, AI and Society, as well as the European group DARIAH AI & Music), and with researchers and professors from other French laboratories (LIS, IRISA, IRIT, LIA).

Ongoing or future experiments:
– Automatic image sonification
– Automatic image creation using GANs in sparse data situations

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